As an independent business consultant, I offer you the following services in particular:

  • Financial Due Diligence and Factbook
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Planning and Modeling
  • Project Management

Financial Due Diligence and Factbook

Financial Due Diligence provides you with a thorough analysis of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. I assist you in preparing buyer-side and seller-side Financial Due Diligence reports as well as Financial Fact Books. The insights gained from the Due Diligence phase then inform the purchase agreement. I advise you on structuring the purchase agreement from a financial perspective, such as the purchase price formula or warranties and representations.

Business Valuation

By applying recognized methods such as the Discounted Cash Flow method or multiples approach, I determine the financial value of your company for you. Business valuation is regularly required in M&A activities, equity participation control, financial statement requirements, or banking requirements.

Financial Planning and Modeling

I create integrated and robust financial models for you, based on which further analyses or business valuations can be carried out. Integrating the financial model reflects the interactions between the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement and forms the basis for well-founded decisions.

Project Management

I support you in organizing and managing M&A processes. Structured transaction procedures often require the involvement of experts. I am happy to take on the organization and coordination of additional external experts as well as other tasks of a project management office (PMO).

I can also handle the preparation and management of virtual and physical data rooms.


Please feel free to contact me so that we can address your challenges together.

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